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If your business already has a responsive website, it costs to build an App as low as under $1000 for the first platform (Android or Apple), and adding the second platform for only haft price. We guarantee delivery in 14 days!

Why the cost is so low?

Cheap does not mean BAD! React-Native framework (released by Facebook) brought a new revolution to Mobile App Developers. It saves time & money for both developers and clients.

This design approach will use the front and back ends of your existing responsive website as data feeds. That means any change in your website will change in the App.

What benifits?
  • Data synchronization in all three platforms.
  • App maintenance-free: no need to update.
  • No hosting fee.
  • Quick delivery.
What our design cost include?
  • Build
  • Test
  • Upload to Google Play and App Store

Provide your website, we'll build an Android app demo for your business at no charge.